School 3×3 tournament


Goals and tasks:

  • Student employment.
  • Social integration.
  • Development of civic awareness
  • Basketball promotion.

Leadership and execution:

  • The project is managed and the final stage is carried out and financed by the LKF;
  • The selection stages are carried out, financed and the responsible persons are appointed by the municipalities of the cities participating in the project;
  • Coaches are responsible for the course of the competition in the group stages;

Time and place:

  • The first qualification stage is interclass competition. Takes place inside schools. The best school team must be announced by November 18, 2018;
  • The second qualification stage is inter-school competition. Held in cities – from December 10, 2018 until February 24, 2019;
  • Final stage: in the arena selected by the LKF – May 2019.


City and region of Kaunas;

City of Vilnius;

City of Klaipeda;

City of Šiauliai;

City of Alytus;

Jonava region;

City of Panevėžys;

City of Marijampolė.

  • 5th grade (10-11 years old) general education students;
  • Physical education teachers;
  • Basketball coaches.

Competition system:

  • Region and city school teams participate in the same inter-school second stage competitions (region and city competitions are not held separately).
  • The team is formed, the team is registered for the competition and the team is coached by a physical education teacher.
  • City’s basketball coaches are responsible for refereeing the games as well as the smoothness of the tournament.
  • The games take place in the gyms of general education schools (If there are no gyms in the school, the premises for the competition are provided by the municipality).
  • The games takes place in the afternoon (14:00 – 17:00).
  • First stage:
  • There are inter-class competitions, during which the schools determine their strongest team, and there are at most two teams of the best players who will represent the school in the inter-school competitions.
  • Second stage:
  • There is an inter-school competition, during which the best team is determined that wins the right to play in the final stage.
  • Final stage:
  • One of the strongest teams from each city gets a right to play in the final round of the tournament. Final round is played in a ‘final eight’ concept.

Competition rules:

  • The team consists of 5 players: a minimum of 2 girls and a maximum of 3 boys. At least one girl must always be on the court.
  • The game is played on the available basketball court, occupying half of the court. Requirements: One basket; side, rear, and center line; three-second zones (penalty areas), and three-point lines.
  • Played with a size 5 basketball.
  • The secretariat for the game consists of 2 people – a timekeeper and a scoreboard controller.
  • 1 referee
  • The game lasts 10 minutes, or until either team scores 15 points.
  • The team that starts the game with the ball is determined by the coin toss. The captain of the team can decides whether to start the game with the ball now or have the ball in the first offence in a possible overtime.
  • Scoring:
  • 1 point for a free throw (taken from the free throw line) and made shot from the two-point zone (performed inside the three-point line);
  • 2 points for good shot shot from a three-point zone (performed behind a three-point line).
  • Free throws:
  • 1 free throw for a foul committed during a shooting motion from a two-point zone;
  • 2 free throws for a foul committed during a shooting motion from a three-point zone.
  • The limit for team fouls for which no free throws are awarded is 6.
  • For 7th, 8th and 9th team fouls committed during shooting motion or simply on the court in any place, team is awarded with 2 free throws.
  • For 10th, 11th etc. foul committed during shooting motion or simply on the court in any place, team is awarded with 2 free throws and has a next possesion.
  • After a free throw, the ball goes to the opponents (defending team), who must start the offence behind the three-point line.
  • After the ball is rebounded in the defence, the offence starts behind the three-point line (by dribbling the ball or passing it).
  • When the ball hits the out of bounds, a new possession starts outside the three-point line.
  • When several players catch the ball at the same time and a “jump ball” situation arises, the ball goes to the defending team. The offence starts behind a three-point line.
  • If no team has scored 15 points at the end of the regulation, the team with the most points will be declared the winner.
  • If the result is tied at the end of the game time, an overtime is played. The first team to score points is declared the winner of the game.
  • The shot clock is at 12 seconds. If it is not possible to measure the time accurately, the court referee may call the attacking team aloud by counting the last 5 seconds of the offence.
  • Team rosters can be changed before the start of the second stage, i.e. until 10th of December, 2018.
  • During the inter-school competition, the school can only be represented by players who study there.
  • In the interclass competitions, the class can be represented only by the players studying there.
  • Complaints presented in a written form and approved by the person in charge of the competition appointed by the municipality are examined and the final decision is made by the LKF.

Competition system:

  • In the first stage, each school forms its own competition system according to the number of participating teams. The main requirement is to declare the strongest team for the set date.
  • In the second stage, each municipality forms its own competition system according to the number of participating teams. The main requirement is to find out the strongest team that qualifies for the final stage.
  • The competition of the final stage is carried out according to the following system:
  • 8 teams are randomly divided into two groups of 4 teams. The first stage takes place in groups, where all the teams play each other once.
  • The first two teams in both groups compete for 1-4 places, and the teams in both groups that finish third and fourth compete for 5-8 places.

Tournament winner:

  • The winner of the 3 × 3 school competition is announced to be the final stage winner.

Award ceremony:

  • All participants of the final stage are awarded with prizes established by the LKF sponsors.
  • The teams that have taken the first four places will be awarded for sightseeing / entertainment trips by bus to foreign countries.
  • Teams that take 5-8 places are awarded for sightseeing / entertainment trips by bus to Lithuanian historical sites and amusement parks.

LKF contacts:

  • Lina Brazdeikytė,

Women’s Basketball Project Manager

Cell: 8 650 89005;


  • Giedrius Gustas,

Director of the Women’s Basketball League

Cell: 8 687 77755;