Benas Matkevičius is taking a new step in his career

Benas Matkevičius

Benas Matkevičius, the coach of the Lithuanian men’s basketball team and the scout of the Boston Celtics, is taking a new step in his career. From now on, you will be able to see the strategist more often in communication with the people from the basketball world, the guest of the conversation will not be Benas, but other members of the community. After brainstorming period and refining the idea for a long time, Benas Matkevičius presented the first episode of The Benas Podcast today, with the head coach of the AX Armani Exchange in Milan Ettore Massina as a guest.

“It was my long-term goal. I have long been interested in podcasts. I like to talk about deeper topics, instead of wasting time on “small talk”. Whether it’s about the specifics of basketball or a life experience, I have found nuances in all the topics that will be interesting to talk about and hopefully for others to listen to.

With this podcast, I aim to talk not only with top basketball coaches, but also with other sports experts in their field, not everything in basketball revolves around tactics. Whether it’s physical training coaches, whether it’s players who have had a variety of experiences, or whether it’s former players who have chosen a different path after their careers and work in other areas. I will personally be interested in talking to sports psychologists who can share their experiences and share contemporary issues, both in basketball and in other sports. One of the main topics I will touch on is communication. Communication is close to my heart personally and I see the greatest need for refinement in relation to the society at the moment”, – said the coach of the Lithuanian national team Benas Matkevičius.

All podcasts will be in English, sometimes in German. According to the coach, it will not be a podcast about today’s news or events. These will be conversations that can always be listened to and evaluated, loaded with new baggage of knowledge.

„I think it’s important for everyone to learn to accept new information and not think that I already know everything. I think that we can all learn something new from each other by showing humility and tolerance for each other, rather than showing how much more I know than others and being afraid to admit that we have shortcomings”, – added Benas Matkevičius.

Benas Matkevičius is a huge lover of good coffee, so the audience will also have an unexpected angle of conversation. Every 10th anniversary podcast, a coffee expert will be invited, who will not only tell their personal stories, but also share ways to make a good coffee.

“I seek victories not only in sports but also in life, I want to live a full-fledged life and inspire others to do the same. Personally, I aim to break the stereotype that a coach must be just a coach and nothing more. I feel for myself that I can and want to give more to society and the sports community. I’m sure we all have different hobbies and ideas. We are experts in one specific field, but despite that we have a lot to share from our personal life. This podcast will usually try to talk about professional sports life without masks, both with laughter and seriously”, – said Benas Matkevičius.

On the personal coach’s page ( it will be possible to follow all the podcasts and monitor on a virtual map which countries with interviews the strategist will be able to visit. On the website, coach is sharing various thoughts and texts, and every month it will be possible to find “Pod Roster”, where Benas Matkevičius will present the favorite episodes of last month’s podcast.

The Benas Podcast will be available on YouTube and other platforms – Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, Google. Those who support the coach’s ideas will also be able to become Patreon sponsors.

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