The seventh edition of the „Generational talent” project culminated in Anykščiai

Fotografas: D.Kerevičius

On Sunday, the seventh edition of the „Generational talent” project culminated in Anykščiai. This project was hosted for the kids born in the 2007.

The goal of the „Generational talent” project is to provide additional help for the most promising young players in the country.

The project also aims to motivate young players to focus not only on those who make it to the national team, but also on those who may do so in the future. Throughout the project coaches want to introduce youngsters to the top-notch requirements. Efforts are made to diversify practices and show how other coaches work.

The coaches that took part in the training process – Jolanta Martinonienė, Laimonas Kutra, Lina Brazdeikytė, Rolandas Radvila, Tomas Urbelionis and Indrė Balčiūnaitė – were happy with the results achieved by the project and wished the participants not to stop improving.

„During the first practice we already felt that this is the last camp, the girls were relaxed, there was no tension, so it was a very productive job, – said Jolanta Martinonienė. – Reduced tension in the camp was great to see as they worked with high energy. It was easily noticed that they have learned a lot throughout the previous camps and now they had an opportunity to showcase their improved skills.

Summer is already here, so I wish the girls to find some time to spend at the beach, play volleyball, and go to the basketball court, work with coaches, because another very fun season with international games waits ahead. So, I ope they will be ready for that.”

„Everybody has improved, no exceptions. Some have made a significant step forward, others may have made a little less improvement, not everyone is the same. Nonetheless, I am certain that this camp has given a big boost, both in terms of motivation and game knowledge”, – said Laimonas Kutra.

„I feel great about this camp. After a difficult season that has been extremely unbalanced and eroded by the pandemic situation, everyone has a lot of fears. Despite it, everyone invited has arrived with huge motivation, an unspoken desire to improve and to absorb new knowledge. All coaches go back to their rooms in the evening and are as exhausted as the players who have practiced all day.

But it is a pleasure to work with such motivated and energised children. It is a little bit pity that this is the last time here with this generation, but at the same time it is fun because we have seen the progress of those children as they mature, grow and as their attitudes and decisions making process evolve. I think this is the main reason of this project”, – said Lina Brazdeikytė, who had the opportunity to contribute to the development of young talents.

„The best thing is that we can see how the guys have improved over the years, – Tomas Urbelionis noted the children’s progress. – There are always ways to improve and get better, we are constantly working on it and starting today everybody will be ready to face more serious challenges.”

The youngsters that participated in the project also expressed their gratitude to the coaches in the book of memories.

“Thank you for your time that you have dedicated to me and to the whole team. Thank you for an amazing opportunity to practice and play on such a high level and for always providing the extra motivation”, – said project participant Matas.

“Thank you very much for the wonderfully organized quizzes, the opportunity to learn something new, to expand my knowledge not only in basketball, but also in other interesting things. Thank you for a good time, good energy, great advices and encouragement during practices”, – added Karolina.

„Generational talent” project is a long-term project that has taken place for the sixth time. It is co-financed by the FIBA ​​Youth Development Fund. All project participants receive sportswear and undergo detailed physical and medical examinations. According to them, specialists make individual recommendations on what needs to be improved, how to make a balanced nutrition diet and what regime to follow. The project also aims to give more knowledge and an opportunity for coaches to improve as well.

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Girls’ team

Vardas Pavardė Krepšinio mokykla
Gustė DziatkauskaitėKauno KM „Žalgiris“
Akvilė BabraitytėKauno KM „Žalgiris“
Justė MockevičiūtėKlaipėdos V. Knašiaus KM
Gabija Kriaučiūnaitė Klaipėdos V. Knašiaus KM
Karolina DrakšaitėKlaipėdos V. Knašiaus KM
Emilija Dapkūnaitė Marijampolės sporto centras
Rosita RusovičiūtėMarijampolės sporto centras
Urtė ŠiaučiūnaitėPanevėžio SC
Danielė Paunksnytė Plungės SRC
Ugnė BertašiūtėPlungės SRC
Emilė JankūnaitėRadviliškio ŠSPC
Gėla KačinskaitėŠiaulių KA „Saulė“
Eneida RimšaitėŠiaulių KA „Saulė“
Adriana ŽemaitytėŠiaulių KA „Saulė“
Justina BajarūnaitėVilniaus krepšinio mokykla
Rusnė UtkaitėVilniaus krepšinio mokykla

Boys’ team

Vardas Pavardė Krepšinio mokykla
Dominykas UrbonavičiusKauno KM "Žalgiris"
Jordanas JančiauskasKauno KM „Perkūnas“
Dominykas GrunkisKauno KM „Perkūnas“
Ąžuolas HopenasKauno KM „Tornado“
Arminas VilkasKauno KM „Tornado“
Adomas LauritėnasKauno KM „Žalgiris“
Matas LiotisasKlaipėdos krepšinio mokykla
Artūras ButajevasKlaipėdos V.Knašius KM
Ainardas MisiusŠilutės sporto mokykla
Zigmas KeršisSostinės krepšinio mokykla
Ernas PakamanisSostinės krepšinio mokykla
Adomas PociusSostinės krepšinio mokykla
Dovydas BuikaSostinės krepšinio mokykla
Daniel LavrinovichVilniaus krepšinio mokykla
Edvinas PaulauskasVilniaus krepšinio mokykla

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